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Spare Parts & Accessories

Millennials and Post-Millennials generations are living in perhaps the greatest times of human history. They have access to almost everything and can do anything with just a click. These self-driven people don’t want others to do some of the petty jobs and they would do it themselves which became famous as DIY (Do it Yourself). Appliances have become a prominent part of our lives. GetMySpares recognises the significance of preserving the performance of these devices to guarantee that the consumers get the most out of them.

The product life cycles have become smaller and our lives busier, it’s imperative that we need to maximize the life of our products. Tech-Savvy people would like to get their hands on if their products stop working and they would repair it rather than getting a replacement. GetMySpares is presenting the shoppers with an opportunity with a multitude of spare parts and accessories and after careful examination of suppliers and reviews, order the best one for their products and once it is delivered, they would work on the faulty one and get the job done.

The rise of consumers through the online retail channel has made it evident that although buyers give importance to the look and feel of the physical store, they wouldn’t mind buying genuine products when they come with a discounted price. GetMySpares is pledged to provide you with original spares, covering an extensive collection of product spares and Accessories that includes Television Spares and Accessories, Air Conditioner components and Accessories, Refrigerator replacement parts, Washing Machine spare parts and universal Accessories.

Get Brand certified Appliance Part Accessories online on GetMySpares.

Majority of the houses have the divine quintet: Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Television and Washing Machine along with the Master "The Mobile Phone." It would please to know that having accessories not only makes our lives easier but extends our products’ lifespan. Accessories make our products look smarter and have a huge impact on their longevity too.

Air Conditioner Accessories:

Air Conditioners are only used in Summer and are a luxury item in Indian Households. As they are rarely used, some problems arise and hence regular maintenance activities are necessary. A proven fact concerning the performance of ACs is that Air Conditioners that go through regular HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) maintenance last 40% more. GetMySpares gives the users a chance to tweaking them with Air Conditioner Accessories such as “Outdoor Unit Cover” and “Stand” along with regular cleaning, Air Conditioners will last forever. Cover not only prevents dust to enter your Air Conditioner but also easy to clean.

Washing Machine Accessories:

Washing Machines have unique issues. Owing to poor water quality in the cities and towns, the washing machine exhibits a scale which is tough to eliminate. The hard water also damages the clothes but also decreases the life of them. To counter all these disasters, GetMySpares has included a plethora of Washing Machine accessories, particularly “Descaling Powder” and “Magnetic Water Softener.” The afore-mentioned items will help us in preserving the Washing Machine for a lengthy period. When they are used along with “Liquid Detergent” gives exclusive benefit. GetMySpares also has value-added components like “Trolley stand” for Washing Machines along with various covers for essentially every model that exists in the market.

Refrigerator Accessories:

Refrigerators have changed from a luxury product to necessity. Fridges are as they are often called, are important in saving our daily groceries such as Fruits, Vegetables, Milk, Curd etc. GetMySpares is a saviour for those in need of Fridge Accessories. Refrigerator-stand to support, Fresh Pack to preserve your food items longer, Deodoriser to remove the foul smell, we’ve got you all covered.

Television Accessories:

The primary product in any home, Television has got a few accessories that enhance our comfort while using it. GetMySpares comprises TV accessories like a Set-top box stand which also works as a remote holder. Gadget Cleaner to clean the panel to prevent particles from penetrating into the interior parts of television.

Universal Accessories:

Universal Accessories are used for multiple appliances. GetMySpares understands the need for previously-mentioned Accessories and expanded its portfolio by adding Leak Detector to discover the leaks occurring in Air Conditioners and Fridges that induce damage. Branded Extension boards with numerous variations are also present. Tool-kits are a must in a DIY activity. By having the proper tools, all the repairs can be done in a jiffy.

Get Detailed Accessories & Spare Part specifications on GetMySpares

GetMySpares posts all Accessories and Spare parts with both technical specifications and physical specifications with multiple images and models into which they will fit in which helps customers to buy online and makes it comfortable & ready for customers to identify the best-fit spare part and accessories for their Appliances.

Explore Accessories for all your products from all major brands

GetMySpares presents you with an enormous quantity of accessories online from reputed brands in India like Panasonic, Anchor, Whirlpool, Xiaomi and more. Wide-variety of branded accessories builds the two-way trust between Consumer, Seller and ultimately the Platform.

Get best deals on GetMySpares

People demand a one-stop-shop for all authentic spares and accessories. GetMySpares, an online marketplace, exactly provides them with that. Besides providing accessories, GetMySpares also has a comprehensive collection of numerous branded spares covering Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Office Automation Products, Tools and Equipment products, Universal Parts etc. Customers own the privilege of having the parts delivered at their doorstep in quick time. Covering a wide spectrum of authentic spare parts is not an easy task and we are dedicated to serving our customers.

Handsome discounts, Seamless User Interface, Secure payment gateway, Hassle-free delivery ensure the supreme consumer experience and increased visits to the portal. Ratings and Reviews are available for each product which gives the buyer an assurance to purchase a product without uncertainty. GetMySpares has a strict no-fake product policy. By continuously monitoring our portal, we eliminate these fakes that damage your product and reduce its durability. Users don’t have to worry about their transactions as we are PCI compliant and they can be rest assured to trust us with the quality of service they would receive.

With more than 4000 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), GetMySpares is one of the biggest spare part hubs in the market.

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