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Air Conditioner Spare Parts

Air Conditioners, once a luxury product, gradually transformed into a necessity in Indian households. The primary cause can be attributed to the continuous increase in the temperatures around the globe. ACs are seldom used, particularly during summers and due to their rare usage, some parts are bound to malfunction. It is essential that we keep an eye on them and do the periodic maintenance for them to perform better. HVAC maintenance (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) at regular cycles boost their efficiency by 40%. Air Conditioners have two elements, an indoor unit and an Outdoor unit. It’s necessary to maintain both of them. However, owing to some unforeseen circumstances, servicing is not possible and keeping this in mind, GetMySpares, an online spare-part marketplace on a mission to provide genuine spares and accessories for its customers for all kinds of Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances.

Get authentic Air Conditioner spare parts online on GetMySpares

It is a routine occurrence that when consumers look for a brand-certified air conditioner replacement parts in their community stores, there is always some uncertainty on the back of their heads about the authenticity of the spare parts and more often than not, spare parts are unavailable or they have to resort to a fake product which damages their AC in the near future. GetMySpares puts an end to this by sourcing the latest components and accessories for you to buy online from the luxury of your home and get them presented at your doorstep in swift time and is the best place to shop for AC replacement parts and customers can rest assured they will receive the best air conditioner spare parts prices too on our site.

GetMySpares provides both room air conditioner spare parts for individual homes and commercial air conditioner spare parts for institutions and industries and VRF (Variable refrigerant flow) spares. The modern AC functions through an accurate balance of parts, all together work in making home cool and welcoming during the hot Indian summers. Each part of an AC needs to remain in excellent operating condition for the best performance.

Air Conditioner Spares & Accessories:

Circuit Board Assembly and Control Board: Printed Circuit boards in an AC serve as a brain to the air-conditioner. Fundamentally working as control circuits for temperature and operating rules, these are expensive and it is a must that buyers should purchase brand approved spares as a faulty PCB assembly is a serious safety concern too. These PCBs are found in both indoor & outdoor units of the air-conditioner. GetMySpares offers high-quality PCBs, both printed circuits and control boards at competitive prices for its customers.

Compressor & Condenser: A few components of air conditioners demand special attention. One is the compressor, which is truly the “heart” of an AC. Without a working compressor & condenser, you won’t have cool air and it would be a frustrating experience. In a split AC, compressors are mostly in ODU and experience great stress during the Indian summers causing them to wear down the same Dust contamination will also affect it. Customers can purchase AC compressor spare parts only on GetMySpares.

Evaporator: Evaporator in an AC carries low-temperature & low-pressure liquid refrigerant inside the cooling coil surrounded by fans which assist the active exchange of heat. The chilly air is then distributed everywhere. When problems appear, it’s because of the leaks formed between two parts, namely the core and the coils. Maintenance along with GetMySpares genuine evaporator is essential in enjoying the cool air during the humid season.

Motor: Air conditioner motor uses include the wide use of motors in fans, pumps and compressors. A single damaged motor hurts the performance of the entire AC. Understanding the needs of motors (Fan Motors) and by occasional professional cleaning will enhance their functioning.GetMySpares provide high-quality motors and customers can see the elevated performance of their ACs after purchasing a motor.

Filters: AC filters are easily dusted parts in any AC be it Split AC, Window AC or even a VRF. Cleaning filters is a simple task and consumers should ensure great care in handling them. GetMySpares is the best place to buy ac filters online for all kinds of models.

Remote Controllers: AC remotes are small and hence often fall from our hands which causes damage. We offer the top AC remote control for our users at the lowest prices.

In addition, we also offer a whole lot of AC spares such as Sensors, Valves, Capacitors, Front Grills, Intake Grills & Controllers.

Air conditioners, when used with accessories, even perform better and with increased longevity. GetMySpares presents the users with this opportunity to them by all types of air conditioner accessories online in the industry.

  • Outdoor Unit Stand: ODU (outdoor unit) is a vital part of AC and it’s critical to support this with a stand. This top-quality stand provides support and is created in such a way that it can endure large outdoor units and strong winds and provide a stable base.
  • Outdoor unit Cover: Outdoor units are prone to constant dust and get contaminated quickly which limits the performance of the compressor and thus the AC. These are constant deterrents to normal functioning. To prevent this, GetMySpares came up with an outdoor cover, which stops the dust from entering your ODU. These covers are also simple to remove and easy to wash and are a great assist in preserving your Air Conditioner’s durability.
  • Leak Detector: Leaks are one of the most common problems associated with ACs and occur in the evaporator. GetMySpares presents you with leak detectors which help the consumer in recognising the leak and then repair with the spares available on our platform.

Explore Accessories & Spares for all your products from all major brands

GetMySpares presents you with an unbelievable possibility to buy air conditioner spare parts & accessories from well-known brands in India like Panasonic, Hitachi, Daikin and more. These brand certified spares and accessories will not only make our lives easier but lengthen our appliances lifespan.

Grab the top deals on GetMySpares

People expect a one-stop-shop for all authentic spares. GetMySpares, an online marketplace is the best the market can offer and wants to see the products live longer. Besides providing AC replacement components, We also have an enormous accumulation of numerous brand-approved spares incorporating Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Office Automation Products, Mobile Phones, Tools and Equipment products, Universal Parts etc. Accessories for TV, AC, Fridge and Washing Machines are available.

Every spare-part and accessory comes with a detailed description (both physical & technical) and 360-degree photos along with the model specification so that users can pick the best-fit part for their products. A strict no-fake spare policy is in place and with the constant monitoring of our online store, we guarantee that fraudulent parts are not just removed but can nevermore be re-emerged.

To establish the two-way trust between the customers and sellers/suppliers, Reviews and Ratings are available for each product as well as the seller. More than 3500SKUs from reliable suppliers across India, GetMySpares is one of the largest and most trusted spare-part shops online.

GetMySpare has a simple user interface (UI), safe and secure payment gateway and its own trademark rewards programme called “Get My Rewards.” To assure the supreme customer experience, we have a premium delivery service which delivers products at your doorstep in record time

We safeguard our buyers’ information and all your payments are PCI compliant payment collection partner.

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