Television Spare Parts

Imagining a home without a TV is impossible. The evolution of Televisions is rapid, from Black & White to Antenna TVs to Colour TVs to LCD& LED TVs & High-definition TV (OLED TV, 4K & 8K) and Smart TV, televisions have undergone a massive transformation. With the advent of OTT platforms, Televisions have found their importance yet again in Indian household. People can watch anything in their homes with a smart TV. The technological additions such as Artificial intelligence (AI) & Internet of Things (IoT) made electronics more user-friendly and improved the connection factor between humans and machines. After spending one-third of their day in commute and work, People seek relief and recharge with Television, whether it may be watching a favourite show with family or enhancing our wisdom with news around the world or a cricket match. Often, due to their extensive usage, some components are damaged and the original spares are not available in the local hardware market, store or shop in your neighbourhood.

GetMySpares brings you high-quality Television Spares and Accessories that not just fix your TV but draw their highest performance.

Television Spare Parts:

The dearth of brand-authorised TV replacement parts is an increasing concern among consumers and to fight this, GetMySpares came into reality with the single aim of providing customers with authentic branded spares and promised to be the one-stop-shop to buy television spare parts online in the industry and it also offers all kinds of Television spares and accessories and you can buy TV repair parts online at the lowest prices for multiple models and several brands.

Panel & Panel Assembly:

Panels are the crucial component in any Television, from CRT Televisions to LCD TVs. In recent times, flat panels have become the new normal. A good panel gives you better resolution, dot pitch, low energy consumption and the optimum refresh rate. Panels cost as much a low-end TV and hence the evidence of an authentic panel is a requirement. GetMySpares sources only branded spares that improve the consumer viewing experience and also increases the longevity of their TV for 65-inch, 55-inch and 49-inch.

TV Boards:

Television contains multiple boards which act in tandem to present the perfect visuals and audio. Any damage in one of the boards causes the malfunction of entire TV. It’s absolutely necessary for buyers to buy original parts that would increase the lifespan of their product and prevent recurring damages. On GetMySpares, users can buy TV boards such as A-Board, Powerboard, PC Board, Mainboard & Sub-board etc.


TVs come with an in-built speaker which are often complemented by a home-theatre. The speaker quality is a critical parameter for a pleasant experience. GetMySpares provides genuine speaker spares for all kinds of speakers such as two-way speakers, mid-range speakers, three-way speakers, and subwoofer along with in-built speakers and speaker cables.

Pedestal Assy:

A TV stand gives you an effortless route to all the cables while keeping the TV straight. Moving the TV is also very simple to do with a stand. Attractive table designs with a proper pedestal will supplement to the look of the room. GetMySpares offers all kinds of pedestals for you to buy.

Remote Controller:

Remotes play a crucial role in the functioning of TV. Remote has many control functions such as channel, volume and other purposes. Modern remote control devices often have more governing purposes than are found on the TV which may have only a few primary essential controls. GetMySpares offers remotes for different models.

In addition to the above-mentioned parts, We also provide buyers with a chance to buy LCD TV repair parts online such as WiFi modules and dongles, diodes & transistor, connector wires, back covers.

Television Accessories:

GetMySpares is the best place to find all kind of accessories for your television. We have devised ingenious and efficient TV accessories online for your appliances to make your life simpler and provide you with greater comfort

Customers can Buy Television Accessories online at the lowest prices in the market, only on GetMySpares.

  • Set-Top Box Stand: After purchasing a television, customers look for the perfect set-top box stand. GetMySpares presents buyers with a universal set-top box stand which goes with every TV in the market. These stands also come with the remote holders for your TV and box.
  • Extension Cord: GetMySpares expands its portfolio with beautiful extension cords (spike busters). We have five different models that surely grab your attention.
  • Gadget Cleaner: Televisions acquires dust over time and it sometimes damages with the panel. Improper cleaning of the TV screen will harm the picture quality and thus the experience. To counter this, GetMySpares comes up with a Gadget Cleaner with a cloth. They can also be used for TVs, Mobiles and also for Laptops.

Explore Spare Parts & Accessories for all your appliance from all major brands

GetMySpares presents you with an amazing chance to buy all sorts and varieties of spares and accessories from famous brands in India like Panasonic, Sanyo, Anchor, LG and more. These brand certified replacement components & accessories will further increase the endurance of your devices. Buyers can shop and get the most profitable deal only on GetMySpares.

Get most desirable deals on GetMySpares

Besides providing TV accessories, GetMySpares also has a comprehensive accumulation of countless branded authentic spare parts for categories such as Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Office Automation Products, Tools and Equipment products, Universal Parts etc. We also have TV accessories, Washing Machine accessories, AC accessories, Refrigerator accessories and universal accessories.

Every replacement part and accessory with a detailed outline of technical and material specifications and 360-degree images along with the models so that customers can pick the best-fit part for their product. Ratings and Reviews are available for each product which gives the buyer a guarantee to acquire spares and accessories without ambiguity.

GetMySpares is a Marketplace with genuine spare parts & accessories from multiple suppliers across India making it the largest spare parts website in the industry. A premium delivery service is in place to ensure customers can get their hands on spares in the fastest possible time. A strict no-fake policy is executed and by regular monitoring, we assure that only original spares are on our online portal.

Secure payment gateway with PCI compliance, Simple UI, attractive discounts ensure superior consumer experience and repeated visits to our store. Television is an expensive electronic device and with genuine spares, consumers can save their appliances from recurring breakages and enhance their longevity. GetMySpares safeguards customers information and has more than 4000 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units).

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