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Home appliances play an influential role in the domestic life of humanity. They have always been a part of human history and are still continuing to be one of the most invested areas of any Indian home. These household appliances are crucial in terms of making the life of modern man simpler, better and happier. We spend one-third of your life at work and the moment we step into our homes after the hectic work at the office, we’d love to be greeted with the cool breeze offered by the Air-Conditioner, the favourite news or a show with our beloved family members from televisions, a cup of pure water from our water filters and it really is a painful experience to see them go faulty because it’s difficult to repair them before but not anymore.

GetMySpares understand the importance of maintaining the efficiency of Home Appliances to ensure that the customers get the most out of their products. Consumers can shop for all types of genuine spare parts for different appliance replacement parts from all major brands on a single platform. A marketplace which contains more than 1200 authentic brand certified home appliance spare parts from multiple suppliers across India making it one-stop-shop for your requirements.

Get authentic Spare Parts for Household Appliances on GetMySpares

GetMySpares provides the best type of Home Appliances spares online in the market today. These include spares for devices like Air Conditioners, Air Purifiers, Iron, Refrigerators, Vaccum Cleaners, Washing Machines and Water Purifiers.

Air Conditioner Spare Parts:-Air Conditioners are a luxury item in Indian Households. As they are rarely used, some problems arise and hence regular maintenance activities are necessary. A proven fact concerning the performance of ACs is that Air Conditioners that go through regular HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) maintenance last 40% more. GetMySpares gives the users a huge collection of Air Conditioner Spares including Room AC, Commercial AC and also VRF AC replacement parts, in particular, Compressors, Air Filter, Remotes, Control Board, Capillary tubes, Evaporator etc. We also provide Air Conditioner Accessories such as OutDoor Unit Stand and Cover to assure that your ACs last endlessly.

Air Purifier Spare Parts:-Air Quality Index in the top Indian Cities has been unceasingly reached the worst due to a multitude of factors. Air Purifiers are the need of the hour and malfunction of the Air Purifiers threatens our existence and of the future generations too. GetMySpares tackles these problems by providing Air Purifier filters and Front plates.

Steam Iron Spare Parts:-Iron is an essential part of our Homes. To iron our clothes is part of the Indian etiquette whether it’s for School Kids uniforms, Employee office wear and for the events that regularly occur in our neighbourhood. Spares such as Sole Plate assembly with Thermostat and Thermal fuses to encounter any trouble that Steam Iron gives you are available.

Microwave Oven spare parts:-In modern life, Microwaves have become an integral element of our lives due to their wide variety of usage. Along with heating a preserved food, we can directly bake cakes and cookies and it’s annoying to see them perform at a lower level if authentic replacement components aren’t used. Say goodbye to all these problems by shopping at GetMySpares who offer every Microwave oven spare available in the market, be it Magnetron, Motor, Roller ring, Owen Cavity, Membrane Switches, Shielder, PC Boards, Pulleys and Timers.

Refrigerator Spare Parts:-Refrigerators are a necessity in the modern-day human life because of their nature to preserve food for longer periods. It is our responsibility to ensure they work with high efficiency along with the longevity of them. At GetMySpares, you can be rest assured to find the best components in case of an unforeseen repair. Shelf Bottle, Compressors, Dry Filters, Defrost sensors, tray, thermostats, PC boards, Capacitors. You name it and we have it. We also provide accessories so that your Fridge looks beautiful and your food is preserved for long periods.

Washing Machine Spare Parts:-Washing our clothes is a tedious task and it’s better to leave that for Washing Machines and Indian household realized that they are a blessing. Washing Machines contains a large number of small parts and it’s inherent to care for them. GetMySpares comprises of these spares such as Valve Washer, Spin Timer, Feeding Valve, Drain Valve, Motor, Water inlet hose assembly, controller unit, coupling plates and many more. Do check them now.

Vacuum Cleaner Spare Parts:-Most of the dust in our houses is way too small to clean. In removing them, Vacuum Cleaners fare better than humans. To state that we can’t live without Vacuum cleaners is not an understatement. GetMySpares ensures you have the right components form your products like cloth bag and Fan motor unit.

Water Purifier Spare Parts:-Water is life. Safe drinking water isn’t accessible readily these days due to the various factors such as population, industrial development and environmental degradation. To counter this, Water Purifiers are mandatory and it doesn’t hurt to have additional spare tools for them. We have all Water Purifier spares such as RO membrane, post-carbon cartridge, UV unit assembly and UV sensor harness, Lower bracket assembly, Main module and display module.

Explore Home Appliance spare parts for products from all major brands.

GetMySpares presents you with a gigantic quantity of genuine online spares from reputed brands in India like Panasonic, Anchor, Whirlpool, IFB and more. Wide-variety of branded spares along with their perfectly fit accessories build the two-way trust between Consumer, Seller and ultimately the Platform.

Get Detailed spare part specifications for your Household appliances

GetMySpares posts all Spare parts with both technical specifications and physical specifications with multiple images and models into which they will fit in which helps customers to buy household spare parts online and makes it comfortable & ready for customers to identify the best-fit spare part and accessories for their Appliances.

Ensure the best service of your Home Appliance Products with genuine spare parts

With GetMySpares, you can buy genuine and high-quality spares and ensure your products receive the service that they deserve in order to perform at their top without repeating damages. With genuine spares, you save a lot of time and money of constant repairs owing to the exorbitant cost of these appliances.

Get the most suitable deals on GetMySpares

Through thousands of products, GetMySpares provides a convenient way to filter products across Categories, sub-categories, brands, prices and ratings. You buy what is right for your products.

People expect a one-stop-shop for all authentic spares. GetMySpares, an online marketplace is the best the market can offer. In addition to Home Appliances, it also possesses a giant accumulation of diverse branded spares covering Consumer Electronics, Office Automation Products, Tools and Equipment products, Universal Parts etc. Customers own the privilege of having the parts delivered at their doorstep in quick time. We also deliver the best product-fit accessories as we believe Home Appliances also act as Home Decor.

Handsome discounts, Seamless User Interface, Secure payment gateway, Hassle-free delivery ensure the supreme consumer experience and increased visits to the portal. Ratings and Reviews are available for each product which gives the buyer an assurance to purchase a product without uncertainty. It implements a strict no-fake product policy. By continuous monitoring of our portal, we eliminate these fakes that damage your product and reduces its durability. Users don’t have to worry about their transactions as we are PCI compliant and they can be guaranteed to trust us with the quality of service they would receive.

With more than 4000 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), GetMySpares is one of the biggest spare-part online stores in the market.

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