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Home or Household appliances are the fundamental products which are used in our residences for everyday activities. Every room in our home is covered with Machines such as Kitchen-Refrigerator, Bathroom-Washing Machine, Living room-Television and Bedroom-Air Conditioner. They also function as Home Decor which makes our homes smart and fashionable. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), Consumer electronics become more user-friendly and establish the connection among the devices and also with us.

GetMySpares understand the significance of improving the performance and efficiency of Household products to ensure our shoppers get the best deal. Consumers can buy all types of official spare parts and accessories for all appliances.

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In modern life, looking tidy is a must. Nothing can enhance your appearance more than a perfectly ironed dress. Iron is an economical product and it leads to a deficit of spares. In an Indian household, we repair our products before we ensure that the product can’t be used any longer. Keeping everything into perspective, GetMySpares offer all kinds of steam iron spare parts and electric iron spare parts for every model in the production at affordable rates.

Sole Plate Assembly with Thermostat: The soul of the iron box. It is responsible for the production of steam and irons your clothes neatly. GetMySpares SolePlate assembly comes with an in-built Thermostat which maintains the temperature uniform in the interior and prevents it from overheating. This comes in varied materials and buyers can choose the correct replacement tool for their product.

Thermal Fuse: Safety and durability are paramount to GetMySpares. Even after taking all the precautions, Iron boxes sometimes overheat and wreak havoc on our precious clothes and it’s a safety violation. GetMySpares provides you with Thermal Fuse as a part of its huge iron spare parts online. A thermal fuse is a safety tool that prevents overheating by opening the circuit and detects heat caused by component breakdown.

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GetMySpares confers you with the perfect spare part for your Iron. You can filter across the categories, sub-categories and look at the detailed specifications of the products along with their images from every angle. Reputed brands in India like Panasonic, Anchor, Spartan etc., offer iron spare parts online on GetMySpares. Customers can shop replacement tools and accessories. Stringent “NO FAKE” approach is in place and by regularly monitoring the portal, GetMySpares wants to ensure your appliances are only serviced with authentic brand-certified spare parts which increases their longevity and retain their top performance for years.

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On GetMySpares, Each part and every seller has a review to assure our consumers. After careful observation, Buyers can purchase the perfect fit spare.
Established to provide customers with a one-stop-shop for all original and brand approved spare parts., GetMySpares is the best the market can offer. In addition to Iron spare parts online, Consumer Electronics, Office Automation Products, Tools and Equipment products, Universal Parts and Accessories for TV, Washer, Freezer and AC are also sourced to ensure we cover not just every major product but also every model across brands from several suppliers.
After a successful order, to satisfy the customers’ appetite, GetMySpares has a super-fast delivery system across India to guarantee buyers will get the product in the quickest time.

Payment gateway which is PCI compliant that safeguards your payment history and personal info, Attractive offers & discounts, Engaging user interface assure happy consumer experience. Loyalty program “GetMyRewards” is also implemented to honour our customers. With 4000 SKUs and growing, GetMySpares aspires to be the largest spare part hub in the industry.

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