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Home Appliances are the essential products which are used in our houses for several everyday activities including cooking, preserving food, entertainment etc. Large Machines such as Refrigerator occupies Kitchen, Washing Machines occupy the Bathroom, Television in Living rooms and Air Conditioners in Bedroom. Addition to the aforementioned products, few homes have a Microwave oven to heat the food. The household appliances have a major role in the stylish appearance of any home décor. The technological innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT) made consumer electronics more user-friendly and we feel the connection with these devices too.

GetMySpares understand the significance of enhancing the productivity of Home Appliances to ensure our customers get the most out of their devices. Consumers can buy all types of authentic spare parts and accessories for different appliances from major brands on a single platform. A marketplace which contains more than 3800 authentic brand certified spare parts and accessories from various suppliers across India making it one-stop-shop for all your demands, is one of the leading spare-part hubs in the industry.

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Microwave ovens are a luxury item. They are expensive and their spares are not often available in the market. In an Indian household, we prefer repairing our ovens instead of dumping since ovens are once-in-a-lifetime purchases. Maximum operation of these products is necessary for every Indian household, which is plausible due to GetMySpares. We offer all kinds of microwave oven replacement parts for every model in the industry at affordable prices.

Magnetron: Magnetron is the heart of Microwave oven which generates the energy. Replacing it a faulty component is a serious security concern and must be avoided at all costs. GetMySpares brings you the opportunity to purchase a brand guaranteed spare that ensures the perfect part for your microwave and also increases its durability.

Oven Cavity & Shielder: Oven Cavity just doesn’t provide a space to keep your food items but also prevents the leakage of electromagnetic waves from the oven’s interior. GetMySpares offers the best Oven Cavities and Shielders for multiple models and brands in the market.

Membrane Switch: A membrane switch is an electrical switch that helps consumers to operate their oven instead of a mechanical switch. The circuit will be closed by the touch of a finger on the button. GetMySpares brings you the top-quality membrane keyboard to guarantee the performance of your machine is enhanced.

PC Board & Motors: PC boards and Turntable Motors form a set of crucial microwave oven spare parts. They seem innocuous but the trouble caused by them is immense. To combat these issues, GetMySpares provides generic PC boards and Motors for buyers online at the lowest prices.

Roller Ring: Roller ring has to be in the right position for the perfect cake. The base provided by the roller ring establishes the perfect circular motion of food items and ensures the 360-degree heat and gives you ideally cooked food. GetMySpares offers a wide variety of roller rings and capacitors for ovens.

GetMySpares also provides Microwave oven spare parts that include Diodes, Door Keys, Timer knobs, hook spacer and bracket water sealing.

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GetMySpares presents you with reputed brands in India like Panasonic, Anchor, Spartan etc., from which you can purchase spares and accessories. Large repertoire of branded spares along develops the two-way trust between Consumer, Seller and ultimately the Platform. You order what is fit for your repairing needs after careful examination of detailed technological specs and physical specs of each product along with all angle pics.

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GetMySpares provides a comfortable way to filter products across Categories, sub-categories, brands, prices and ratings. Each part and every seller has a review to assure our consumers.

A one-stop-shop for all original and brand approved spare parts. GetMySpares is the best the market can offer. In addition to Microwave spare parts online, it also maintains an enormous quantity of assorted covering Consumer Electronics, Office Automation Products, Tools and Equipment products, Universal Parts and Accessories for TV, Washer, Freezer and AC. Clients own the right of having the parts delivered at their doorstep in quick time by our premium delivery service.

Rich UI, Safe payment gateway, offers & discounts, Hassle-free delivery ensure the highest consumer experience. It implements a strict no-fake product policy. By continuous monitoring of our portal, we eliminate these fakes that damage your product and reduces its durability and can buy without uncertainty. Users don’t have to bother about their transactions as we are PCI compliant and they can be rest assured to entrust us with the quality of service they would receive. Loyalty program “GetMyRewards” is also in place to honour our customers.

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