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Refrigerator Spare Parts

Home Appliances are commonly encountered products in Indian household. They played a notable part in human progress and renewed their stature to be one of the highest purchased items. The technological development, in particular, IoT and Artificial Intelligence would change the perception of how we look at these devices. Consumer electronics play a vital role in terms of forming the life of modern man simpler, stabler and comfortable. Home Appliance products such as Refrigerator, TV, AC, Washing Machines are costly & precious and it really is an unpleasant experience to see them go faulty because it’s complicated to repair them before but not anymore.

GetMySpares understand the significance of promoting the efficiency of Household products to ensure the customers get the maximum benefit out of their products. Users can search and buy spare parts and accessories for every appliance and increase the shelf-life of their products.

Purchase Refrigerator Spare Parts online on GetMySpares

The advantages of having a beautiful product are numerous as they enhance the appeal of customer homes. You may have your products set up, but they could end up being ordinary and unfinished without proper accessories to intensify their look as they also act as a part of Home Decor.

Envisioning a home without a Refrigerator is impossible. Fridges, as they are often called, are a necessity owing their nature of preserving foods and vegetables. Due to their continuous functioning, Freezers have an increased chance of repair within a few years from their purchase. The lack of availability of genuine refrigerator replacement parts is a growing concern among customers and to combat this, GetMySpares came into existence with the single motto of providing buyers with authentic branded spares and pledged to be the single store to buy refrigerator spare parts in the market. Consumers can be thrilled to find refrigerator spare parts price on our portal.

Below is the list of fridge spare parts online that are available on GetMySpares.

  • Compressor: To say that Compressors are the heart of a fridge would be an understatement. The purpose of a compressor is to raise the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant vapour to a particular level so the refrigerant can condense. A faulty compressor means shelling a whole lot of money for its repair and hence we must ensure that we have received the brand-certified compressor. GetMySpares sources all of its respected brands for various models to remove any doubt in customer mind.
  • Control Board: Control boards are imperative for the working of fridges. Refrigerator main control boards are expensive and hence proper connections are a must. GetMySpares provides its users with a plethora of control boards such as main control board, refrigerator display panel, fridge PCB as a part of its vast fridge parts online.
  • Fan Motor: The beauty of fridge spare parts in that although individually they seem small but together they perform the best. Fan Motor is an added supplementary product to the compressors which helps to reduce the compressor temperature and free movement of air around the coils inside the fridge. This second fan helps provide more even cooling, and also aids in the defrost process. With a proper fan motor, users not only increases the life of compressors but also their fridges.
  • Crisper Drawers: Crispers operate by creating an environment of greater humidity than the rest of the refrigerator and prolongs the life of essential foods such as vegetables. We have crisper drawers for multiple models which improve the longevity of the food.
  • Refrigerator Tray: Refrigerator trays are often damaged as they are made of glass. It’s a painful process to buy them too as fake parts are abundant in the market. Get My Spares assures its customers by providing the best fridge parts online with its high-quality trays.
  • Hinge Assembly and Doors: Hinges are the parts on which the fridge door rotates and if a hinge is broken, it causes doors to collapse as other hinges would fall too. Doors give the overall look whether they are top door, double door etc. It’s necessary to act quickly and purchase fridge spare parts such as hinges and doors to not aggravate the damage and preserve them.
  • Defrost Sensors: New generation fridges are coming with automatic defrost sensors that act on their own which greatly reduce the human effort. Small issue, the entire fridge would be covered with ice. Now purchase all kinds of real refrigerator spare parts online such as defrost sensors, only on GetMySpares. We also provide its consumers with a huge list of fridge spare parts such as Door Evaporators, Doors, Drawers and freezer baskets, Icebox accessory, Motor Protectors, Thermostats, Capacitors and many more.
  • Refrigerator Stand: Fridge stand is the first accessory that is purchased by the customers. Stands not only render support, but it also prevents the floor from the marks by the refrigerator. GetMySpares offers low-weight stands as per the product designs and general fridge stands as well.
  • Fresh Pack: Fresh pack bags are specially created to extend the shelf life of flowers, fruits and vegetables. GetMySpares is offering reusable Fresh Pack bags of highest quality that last up to three years. These help the user to enhance the efficiency of their refrigerators and keeps your food fresh by absorbing the foul smell.
  • Deodorizer: Customers due to their hectic schedules seldom forget an item that is past its expiry date in their fridges and the odour it brings is unbearable. GetMySpares, with its anti-bacterial “Deodorizer”, puts an end to this. which absorbs the smell and prolong the life of food items for up to seven days.
  • Leak Detector: Regular usage of fridges causes leaks to occur in fridges and it’s often tricky to identify them. GetMySpares puts a full stop to this with its Leak Detector. Buyers can identify the position of leaks and with the help of the vast spares available, they can simply shop for the best part and fix their freezer with the help of DIY tutorials on the internet.

GetMySpares brings you the fridge parts online for all your refrigerator requirements. You can buy refrigerator spare parts online at the lowest fridge spare parts price. High-quality spares and accessories are sure to bring the elite performance of your appliances and will make hooked to our service.

Shop Spares for all your products from all top brands and suppliers

Besides the great chance to buy fridge parts, consumers can shop for all kinds of spare components and accessories for all their home appliances from respected brands such as Panasonic, Anchor, Spartan, Whirlpool and Godrej and many others. Clients also have the privilege of shopping the exact genuine spare-part for their product.

GetMySpares lists all spare parts and accessories with both technical and physical specifications of each spare part along with 360-degree images. GetMySpares has a stringent no-fake policy and by continuous monitoring, we remove the fake products on our shop.

Grab the best deals on GetMySpares

GetMySpares also has a whole accumulation of various brand certified spares and accessories including Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Office Automation Products, Tools and Equipment products, Universal Parts and accessories of TV, AC, Washing Machines and Universal accessories.

A Marketplace with the purpose to bring actual brand-approved replacement tools to every customer and to see their products live eternally, GetMySpares is the one-stop-shop for all kinds of electronic spares. More than 4000 products from reputed suppliers across India, GetMySpares is one of the largest and most trusted spare part hubs In the industry. With our premium delivery service for all our customers, they will get their goods at flying speed. GetMySpares own loyalty programme named “Get My Rewards” honours the valuable buyers of our site, purchasing Spare Parts, Accessories raises your loyalty points and the higher your points, the more precious will be your rewards. We are PCC compliant and consumers can be assured to entrust us with the parts and the service.

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