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Mobile phones are the most powerful, influential and crucial gadgets in our lives. Since the turn of the century, they have become an integral part of everyone and it’s not an understatement. They have replaced almost everything that people considered a necessity, in particular Televisions, Movie Theatres. The exponential rise of Mobile phones has been a great boost to the economy and as well as empowered individuals. With the phone, Man can do whatever he wants, be it watch favourite movies on a vast number of Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms available, make an appointment at the restaurant, order the groceries and food to his doorstep, pay a bill at a shop. All these activities are just a click away from us.
Everything is becoming digital and Spare Parts are no exception. Mobile phone repair is a tricky affair. Customers often assume they can’t get their phones repaired and rather purchase another one. It may be due to a plethora of factors such as lack of genuine spares in the market, the exorbitant repair prices quoted by the repair shops or users simply think that acquiring a new one is beneficial than using a repaired mobile. Due to these activities, Mobiles are stacked up in their homes and contributing to electronic waste.
GetMySpares strives to put an end to these concerns by providing consumers with all kinds of Mobile Phone Spare Parts and in turn, helping them to repair their phones by themselves which became famous as DIY (Do it Yourself).

Get authentic Mobile Spare Parts online on GetMySpares

GetMySpares provides the best type of mobile spare parts online in the market today. We are a Marketplace with almost 400 SKUs in Mobile Phones Category from renowned brands and from multiple suppliers making it the best mobile spare parts website in the market.

Camera: Mobile phone cameras are the means of photos in every home. They capture all our memories and an issue in the camera can be easily dealt with, thanks to GetMySpares. With numerous front cameras, back cameras and camera lens, all of your camera concerns can be easily solved with a single tap on your mobile.

Battery: Batteries are the most significant yet largely overlooked part of our phones. People have a misconception that once a battery has an issue, it can’t be replaced. GetMySpares put an end to this by providing users with all kinds of batteries, ranging from 1250mAh to 4000mAh. With the help of these batteries, Mobiles longevity is restored. We also provide battery covers for different mobile models in multiple colours.

Connectors: Connectors form the crucial part of Mobile Accessories, whether they are charger connectors, Data Cable, OTG cable, Co-axial cables, FPC and ZIF connectors we’ve got you all covered. By delivering the customers with all kinds of connectors and spares, we ensure that your mobiles and its components stay intact for years, if not decades.

Covers: Who doesn’t want their mobiles to have the prime finish and look? We present users with protective equipment and beautiful accessories for their phones, whether they are screen guards, back covers or tempered glass, front covers, we’ve got every accessory in our store. Customers can buy mobile phone covers online at discounted prices only on GetMySpares.

Boards: If the motherboard gets faulty, there’s not much you can do about it. Consumers exactly don’t know the issue and are often helpless. With GetMySpares, these issues are addressed quite smoothly. With Mainboards and the Sub PCBs along with their assemblies for different models. With the presence of plenty of online video and tutorials, replacement/repair of the product with purchased branded genuine Spare part is extremely easy.

Chargers & Adapters: Chargers and Adapters are one of the most common mobile accessories used in today’s world. It is also most difficult to find genuine parts for this equipment as fake manufacturers are widespread in this market which enhances the damage of your products. To counter the wide-spread fakes, GetMySpares has a quality first motto and offers users with brand-certified chargers and adapters to ensure your phone lasts forever.

LCD & Touch Panel: The replacement of the screen damage is expensive and using fakes in this regard only aggravates the phones’ damage. GetMySpares presents users with all varieties of LCD modules, OGS (One Glass Solution) along with the touch panels. These high-quality parts guarantee that your phone saves you a lot of hassles of repeated repairs and high cost of ownership.

Keys & Tray: Keys and Tray are significant in the proper working of a mobile phone. A defected key makes the life of consumer difficult and no-one wants that. Buyers who shop on GetMySpares can purchase items as small as volume key/ power key, sim trays and fingerprint identification module making it one of the most sought-out platform.

Buy Mobile Parts online for your phones from all major brands

GetMySpares presents you with a massive quantity of genuine online spares from all the top brands in India like Panasonic, Xiaomi, and more. Wide-variety of brand certified spares along with their supremely matched accessories form the two-way assurance between Buyer, Seller and ultimately the online platform.

Get Detailed spare part specifications for your Mobile Phones

GetMySpares posts all Spare parts with both technical specifications and physical specifications with multiple images and models into which they will fit in which helps customers to buy mobile parts online and buy mobile accessories online, makes it convenient & ready for customers to identify the best-fit spare part and accessories for their Phones.

Get Wonderful deals on GetMySpares

Through thousands of products, GetMySpares provides a convenient way to filter products across Categories, sub-categories, brands, prices and ratings. You buy what is right for your products.

Customers require a one-stop-shop for all genuine mobile spares. GetMySpares, an online marketplace is the best mobile spare parts website in the market. In addition to Mobile Phone replacement components and its accessories, it also possesses a large collection of diverse branded spares covering Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Office Automation Products, Tools and Equipment products, Universal Parts etc. Customers own the privilege of having the parts delivered at their doorstep in quick time. We also deliver the best product-fit accessories to your Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances too. Ratings and Reviews are available for each good which gives the consumer a guarantee to acquire a product without any question. In any DIY activity, tool-kits are a necessity. On our portal, you can find all tool-kits for your every home-improvement, industrial purposes. In addition to the extensive list of services, we also provide our customers with various offers no-one can ever match.

Attractive discounts, Comfortable User Interface, Secure payment gateway, Hassle-free delivery ensure the highest level of consumer experience and recurring visits to the portal. Get My Spares has a stringent no-fake stock policy. By constant monitoring of our portal, we remove these duplicates that ruin your product and reduces its longevity. Users don’t have to bother about their transactions and their personal information as we are PCI compliant and they can be assured to entrust us with the parts and the service they receive.

GetMySpares contains its own loyalty programme named “Get My Rewards” to honour the valuable buyers of our site, purchasing Spare Parts, Accessories raises your loyalty points and the higher your points, the more costly will be your rewards.

With more than 4000 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) listed, GetMySpares is one of the largest and most trusted spare-part online stores in the market.

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