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Every digital appliance or electronic product has to undergo some form of repair or mending at-least once in its lifetime. The smaller repairs or replacements may require small equipment like spanner, screw driver tool kit and hammer which are universal tools. These can be done by the consumer themselves at home since they do not require higher degree of expertise. While bigger repairs need more sophisticated equipment and are often done by highly trained & experienced technicians and service engineers. In either way, the use of repair hand tools and equipment becomes mandatory to achieve the desired level of restoration or fixes.

How many times has it happened with you that the most of the genuine products & equipment you are looking for are not available in the local hardware market, store or shop in your neighbourhood? A lot you say! GetMySpares brings the latest instruments & equipment and home improvement toolkit collection for you to buy online from the comfort of your home and get them delivered your doorstep. GetMySpares is the best place to buy power tools online and purchase repair tools online at genuine and competitive prices.

Get genuine tools and equipment online on GetMySpares.
GetMySpares provides authentic instruments for various types of service and repairs of electronics and home appliances in the market today. You can purchase online the best quality and highest variety of multipurpose home repairing tools & repairing tool kits, Industrial & Scientific products, flow control filtration sets and other service equipment conveniently. You can also purchase power tools online. GetMySpares contains hundreds of authentic brand certified tools, equipment and service supplies from multiple suppliers making it one-stop-destination for your requirements.

Home Improvement Tool Kits: These are common instruments which are required in every household or with every service technician and are most widely used on all kinds of installations and restoration work. GetMySpares provides all high quality home improvement kits like Hammer (“Hathoda”), Plier (“Chimta”), Screw Driver (“Pechkas”), Wire Cutter, Wrench and Spanner (“Paana”). Now you can also buy cordless drill online with vaious sizes of drill bits. You may also find all kinds of magnetic screw driver toolkits online on GetMySpares

Industrial and Scientific Tools: For industrial level service and mending activities, special type of gear and protective equipment is required to undertake large scale fixes. GetMySpares keeps you covered by providing you high quality, industry grade gear like Safety Helmet, Safety Jackets, Glue Gun, Transparent Safety Glasses and Lifting Sling Strops.

Flow Control Filtration Tools: These tools are widely used to control the flow of liquids and gases while delivering service or fixing the consumer electronics and appliances like Air Conditioners (ACs) and Refrigerators. It is thus important to ensure high precision and accuracy of these tools to ensure that the appliances are not further damaged during servicing. GetMySpares bring you latest collection of high precision products like pressure gauge, vacuum pump, digital clamp meter, swaging punch, manifold, flaring tool, quick coupler, AC cleaning machine and PVC jacket cassette

Explore Repair Tools and Equipment from major brands

GetMySpares provides you with a vast collection of latest tools, repair equipment and safety equipment from major online brands in India like Spartan, iRex and more. You can find the right service instrument for your restoration and service activity by a quickly searching using product name, product serial number or product model number. These wide varieties of branded instruments and equipment come with seller provided warranty for benefit of our end customers. Our reputed suppliers list all warranty details online along with products and promise to honour the supplier warranty in case you face any problems with your purchased products.

Get Detailed specifications for your Repair products and Equipment on GetMySpares

GetMySpares lists all latest products online with detailed technical specs and physical specs of each product along with 360 degree photographs which helps all customers to get necessary details and understanding of the product functioning to buy products online. GetMySpares makes it easy and convenient for each customers to identify the best-fit equipment for their repair and safety needs. This makes online shopping of tools & equipment convenient and fun for customers.

Ensure best repair of your products with genuine and high quality tools on GetMySpares

With GetMySpares, you can buy high quality & branded repair instruments and ensure your products’ safety and get the repair service that they deserve in order to get a continuous high performance without recurring stoppages. With genuine repair equipment, you save lot of hassles of repeated service calls to technicians and thus reduce the overall cost of ownership of your consumer appliances. With the presence of plenty of online video and tutorials, self-repair of the product by purchasing branded instruments has never been easier.

Easily search and buy online

Through thousands of genuine and authentic products, GetMySpares provides a convenient way to filter products across the many categories, sub-categories, brands, reviews/ratings and price. You buy what is right for your unique repairing needs and individual skillsets. A great user experience, secure online payment mechanism, attractive offers & discounts and fast product delivery ensure an ideal consumer experience and multiple visits to the platform. Reviews / Ratings are available for each product which gives the customer an assurance to buy a product without any uncertainty or confusion. A beautifully tailored loyalty program which rewards the frequent customers is an additional golden feather in the cap.

In an Indian household, we prefer fixing instead of discarding since many of our appliances are once-in-a-lifetime purchases. Optimum functioning of these products are necessary for every Indian household. GetMySpares provides the necessary spare parts, accessories, instruments and consumables to ensure that there is no compromise in the function of these appliances. GetMySpares provisions the online availability of various types of branded genuine restoration tools, safety equipment and scientific instruments, for fixing the electronic goods, in a marketplace model that helps the users to procure the best service and restoring the functioning of their products. Genuine hand tool kits improve the overall shelf life of product and considering the products are often very expensive to begin with, it pains to see them become unusable due to improper upkeep and maintenance. We value our customers’ privacy and thus all your payments and personal information are 100% secure through our PCI compliant payment collection partner.

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