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Millennials & Boomers are living in perhaps the greatest times of human history. They have access to almost everything and can do anything with just a click. They don’t want to outsource the trivial stuff and they would do it themselves which gave birth to Do it Yourself, became famous as DIY. Digital devices along with the various Home Appliances made our lives simpler. One primary concern is that electronic appliances have to undergo repair once or multiple times in their lifetime. Home Improvement tool kit which consists of a Spanner, screwdriver tool kit, hammer etc. are universal tools and can be used to mend small repairs. Small repairs don’t require expertise and can be fixed by customers as part of DIY.

Has it ever occurred to you that most of the time, the simple replacement components you desperately need are not available in the neighbourhood stores? If your answer is a resounding Yes, Don’t worry! We’ve got your back. GetMySpares brings you all kinds of instruments, home repairing tools and a collection of repair tools online for you to shop. GetMySpares is the one-stop-shop to buy power tools online and shop authentic spares at the lowest prices.

Get certified Home Improvement Tools online on GetMySpares
GetMySpares provides reliable components for several varieties of repairs, replacements and servicing of household appliances in the industry. Buyers can shop online for the tremendous quality and diversified tool kits and is the best place to buy power tools online. GetMySpares is presenting the customers with an opportunity with an abundance of spares and accessories and after careful examination of suppliers and reviews, order the best one for their products.

Home Improvement Tool Kits: Home Improvements tools are necessary for every Indian house. Small adjustments such as tightening, examining the devices require these tools, every service engineer and technicians carry a bag to help users with all types of demos, installations and repair work. GetMySpares provides high-quality home improvement tools like Hammer (“Hathoda”), Plier (“Chimta”), Screw Driver (“Pechkas”), Wire Cutter, Wrench and Spanner (“Paana”). Consumers can also buy cordless drill online and purchase power tools online only on GetMySpares.

Universal All Purpose Home use kit: The products from GetMySpares are made out of steel. A great value and better substitute for expensive kits available in the market. It can be used for minor repairs of electrical appliances. It can be used with domestic appliances, kids bicycles, toys etc. Individual parts such as Wrench, Cutting Plier, Screwdriver, wrench and hammer tempting reach of equipment bound to inspire you to get your hands on this kit.

Screwdriver Kit: The handle is made from high-grade CA Plastic, which is non-flammable and unaffected by oil, petrol, grease, water - practically anything. The blade is differentially hardened & tempered to resist wear, bending and meet high torque requirements. Bright & smooth Nickel Chrome plating finish effectively protects the blade against corrosion. The screwdrivers are made keeping in mind the comfortable grip and easy usage of the customer so that there is no hassle or extra effort involved while using these screwdrivers. This kit is worth spending every penny and will never disappoint you. It contains a Screwdriver kit of 8 blades with a tester. These come in numerous models such as 8-piece kit, 6-piece kit etc.

Universal Magnetic Screwdriver Tool Kit: GetMySpares brings you the brand new screwdriver toolkit online. Top-quality 31 in 1 screwdriver kit, Able to open mobile phone, PDA housings, PSP, NDS, MP3 player, bike, XBOX, shaver, fan, toy, Radio and many more. Easy to carry with Mini Hard Case. Swivel thumb rest, compact case stores all parts Extension included Comes with a plastic holder to place the screwdriver bits in it Magnetic bits are easy and tight to adsorb into the handle. Handle with rubber wrap for a comfortable grip. Comes with a plastic storage-box, Compact storage design convenient to place and carry Multi-functional Pocket Screwdriver Set 100% Brand New.

Hand Tool Kit (Multicolour, 3 Piece): GetMySpares delivers you a well-organized kit that comes in a durable carrying case that fits anywhere in your home, apartment, garage, or even the car. Tool kit comes with all the household essential tools you would need for almost all minor maintenance. These tools are made from durable metal construction, giving you the ultimate precision. Great for DIY projects or everyday home improvements. This toolset is designed to tackle most assembly, maintenance, and repair projects around the house or office. Fixing leaky kitchen or bathroom faucets, hanging up pictures, or tightening up a loose screw on your bike, this tool kit has everything you will need from cutting, screwing, taping, and more.

Plastic Screw Driver Kit-PTC (Screwdriver Testers): An Electric Line Tester is a screwdriver cum tester used to identify or test current and voltage. It is also known as a Phase tester (as it checks current in a phase), Screwdriver tester (as it is primarily a screwdriver and also a tester), Neon Screwdriver (as it has a neon bulb), Test Pin (as the blade is a shape of a pin).

Cordless Screwdriver Set: GetMySpares provides its loyal consumer base with a versatile screwdriver with a twist handle and LED light to illuminate dark areas with no-load speed: 200rpm/min. It has torque adjustment for precision jobs and forward reverse switch for screw driving and removal. When it comes to choosing the right cordless screwdriver, finding a model that feels comfortable in use is vital. Spartan screwdriver with its rubber over-mould handle has been designed to feel like a standard screwdriver but without the effort. Powerful and keeps charged for longer, so will always be ready for use.

Along with these gadgets, We offer a 262-piece Multi-Purpose Home Maintenance Kit, which is a handy tool to deal with all your home troubles.

Explore Tools and Equipment and Perfect-fit spares for your product from reputed brands

GetMySpares provides you with a massive number of latest replacement components and home equipment from renowned brands in India like Spartan, iRex, Panasonic, Anchor and more. Consumers can shop and get the most lucrative deal of home improvement devices. Our suppliers across India list all warranty details online along with products and supplier warranty is provided if you face any problems with your purchased spare parts.

GetMySpares makes it simple for customers by listing the latest products with detailed technical and physical specifications of each product along with 360-degree images helps all customers to get crucial details and knowledge of the product which in turn helps to purchase the perfect fit spare for their electronics which increases longevity.

Effortlessly explore and purchase online

GetMySpares, a marketplace is established to cater consumers will all genuine spares and accessories for customers through thousands of authentic products.GetMySpares provides an uncomplicated technique to filter products across the many categories, sub-categories, price, brands, reviews/ratings. Exceptional UI, Safe and Secure online payment system, engaging offers & discounts. To get your goods to you in a jiffy, we have a premier delivery service. Tailor-made loyalty program “GetMyRewards” with the sole aim to reward our regular customers is another feather in the cap.

Besides providing Home Improvement components, GetMySpares sources more than 4000 SKUs and has a comprehensive collection of numerous brand-certified spare parts covering Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Office Automation, Universal Parts and accessories for your TV, AC, Fridge and Washing Machine. In India, fixing the device is given priority to discarding. Optimum working of these products are necessary and we are committed to providing the best to enhance the durability and shelf life of your appliances. We value our users’ privacy and PCI compliant that safeguards your personal information and payments.

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